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New Mail Notification

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If Outlook is open, a small envelope symbol will appear in your task bar tray whenever new mail is delivered to your Inbox.

New Mail Icon in Task Tray

In addition, you can set Outlook 2003 to play a sound, display an alert or change the mouse cursor when new mail is received.

To set your new mail notification:


Choose Tools, Options


On the Preferences tab, click on the Email Options button


Click on the Advanced Email Options button


In the When new items arrive in my Inbox section, check the required options (see table below)


Click on OK

The following notification options are available:

Option Description
Play a sound This will play a sound when a message appears in your Inbox. The sound that will be played is selected via the Sounds option in your Windows control panel
Change the mouse cursor While the new message is being delivered to your Inbox, the mouse pointer will change shape to an envelope.
Show an envelope This is the default setting which displays an envelope in the task bar tray when a new message is received
Display a New Mail Desktop alert This option allows you to show a small message window on screen when a new email message is received. Click on the Display Alert Settings dialog box to set how long the message will show on screen, and how transparent the dialog box will appear

When you receive a mail alert, you will see the first line of text in the message:

Mail Alert

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