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Removing Calendar Items

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Unless you remove old items regularly, your Outlook calendar can grow significantly in size. As your calendar is part of your mailbox, reducing the size of this can help to keep within your mailbox limit.

To remove items from your Calendar, click on the Calendar icon on the Navigation Pane.

Calendar Button

The default calendar view shows items in day, week or month view. As It can be difficult to select items in this view, change your calendar view by choosing View, Arrange By, Current View, By Category.

If you have not assigned categories in your calendar, you will have 2 categories by default:

* The None category will show any calendar appointments you have added yourself
* The Holiday category will show any public holidays you have imported using the Add Holidays command

Arranged by Category

Arranging your Calendar by Size

Arrange your calendar by size to show large appointments that take up more of your mailbox size. You can then choose to remove the appointment altogether, or save the attachment to a local drive and remove only that.

* Show your calendar by category as described above
* Choose View, Arrange, By Size

The largest calendar items will show at the top of the list. Appointments with file attachments will show the attachment symbol at the beginning of the appointment header:

Calendar items with attachments

Arranging your Calendar by Date

Arrange your calendar by start date to show old appointments that you no longer need to keep.

* Show your calendar by category as described above
* Click on the Start Date field name to arrange appointments with newest at the top of the list
* Click on the Start Date field name again to show the oldest item at the top of the list
When removing old calendar entries, be careful not to remove recurring appointments that are still active.

Removing Calendar Items

Once you know which items you wish to remove:

* Click on the first item you wish to remove
* To select a number of appointments that appear next to each other in the list, hold [Shift] and click on the last item to remove
* To select an item that appears separate in the list, hold [Ctrl] and click on the item
* Press [Delete] to remove the selected items
A good rule of thumb is to remove all old appointments from your calendar i.e. those not from the current or previous year. You can then remove large attachments from more recent appointments.

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